I’ve Migrated My Shit

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This has been a long time coming. After pondering this issue for several minutes, I’ve decided to move my blog to my own domain. Fix your bookmarks if you use them and head on to My New Domain





Success Made Easy – A group 58 production.

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Cтоп! Я собираюсь сперму.

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Alright, I do believe an update is in order, and apparently on many things.

First, lets begin with the Get HYPOG a PS3 + Monitor fund. Despite everyone doubting my will, I’m happy to report the funds are coming along rather fairly well. I’ve lived up to saving 1,000 rubbles a week. As I received cash for the PSU that I sold, I was able to get an additional 1,000 rubbles out there. I’m not entirely sure how much I’ve saved up, but my ‘Бухгалтер’ would hopefully keep us informed.

Now onto other things, I have successfully evaded my Psychiatry cycle like an MF event (not that I’m invited to those events). You’d imagine I would have been feeling guilty, but I consider the downtime a welcome one. Not only was I able to regenerate myself from constant inertness I was able to work on the MDL website. The MDL is a prospect I am very excited about. I’m really passionate about it, however some people consider it a waste of time. I think it’s interesting how 2 normal kids from RSMU are able to host/plan/execute a league that is constantly growing, that involves players from all over Europe. Granted, we’re only sized at 4 teams, but, does everything not start from a humble beginning? Pay it a visit here.

In essence I’ve been maintaining 4 blogs (RSMU, MDL, THIS ONE, ANUISAFAG), so a writers block is expected pretty soon. I really do enjoy writing on posts that are themed ‘HypoG’, because frankly, my life is full of such tee-tee-dee moments. I look forward to continuing that, with at least a post a week, but really, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

Recently, something interesting happened, well not really interesting, but it involves Anu. Anu was bragging about how she is doing this circuit training thing to get buff (Anu is actually a pretty fit woman, however she feels she is too fat and people call her Chubby Chub-kins. This however is not true and Anu is merely competing with her sister who is actually a carbon-copy of Anu, slightly skinnier without boobs). So anyways Chubby Chub-kins was going on and on about doing this exercise that she doubts I would be able to do. She was then bragging about how she does about 20 in a minute.

As everyone knows I’m starved for cash and I’d do anything within the realm of possibility. So I put up a wager with the three people in the room, 1,000 rubbles a piece to do 10 of it (10 because Anu said I can’t do half of what she does). Shorty, with his Golden Tongue somehow set it to 500 rubbles a piece, with 30, under a minute. Needless to say, with PS3 as a motivation, I believe I completed 30 under 30-40 seconds. Naturally, Anu was complaining about why she keeps owing me money (Grand total at 35,000 rubbles at the moment). Loser.

This post is getting far too verbose for my standards, so It’s time to end it. Razer has released a new product that looks amazing check it out!

Finally, since shorty says a picture paints a thousand words, let me leave you with this picture…


Woah!? Hirsutism?

Surely, you’re wondering who or what that is, heres a better view…


Oh it's just our resident parthenophobic hyperphilia, Shorty




Помощь! Мне нужен минет.

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Over the past few years I’ve realized that nothing in life is Free. I know this is a real clichè but I guess as the Indian saying goes “Pattathan Puriyum, Pepundeke” (one would only realize it once shit hits the fan, despite earlier advice). Two Sayings in the first paragraph, damn I’m making up for my absence.


So anyhow, year after year I’ve realized that my Christmas Wishlist has neither increased nor have I had the opportunity to strike off as many of them as I’d like. Actually I’d link you to my previous Christmas Wishlist post, but my STUPID UNRELIABLE IMAGE HOSTING PROVIDER bit the dust and all my images are…gone.  Shit, digressing and all.


The Playstation 3 stood up top on the list and I feel this Christmas, I’m going to take the initiative to make it come true. However, just having a PS3 without a monitor would be like a man without a heart (so to speak), ergo it goes hand in hand with getting the PS3 That said, I’m officially starting a “Get HypoG a PS3 + 23 Inch Monitor Fund”.


Why  Now?

Considering how I only have 4 exams this winter (Paedeatrics, Psychiatry, Opthalmology, Oziz (Equivalent of Community Medicine elsewhere), what better way to celebrate the impending clearance than to get a PS3+Monitor and prove the saying Do not count your eggs before they hatch wrong once and for all!



As with all things in life, it would be necessary to weight in the pro’s and con’s of making this life altering purchase (life altering in a sense of entering a new realm of bad-assery and a social standing of titans among men (vegetarians not welcome)).



-When not playing the PS3, the monitor will fit nicely into my Dual Monitor Setup which would allow me to watch redtube and DotA simultaneously without pressing the dreaded Alt + Tab Button.

-Creating my PSN Nick (Playstation Online Network Nickname) as anuisafag (ALL IN LOWER CASE).

-Pwn any and all in any game that I may ever be inclined to buy.



Will take space (I need to move some shit around, which = work, which sucks)

Might be too much of a bad-ass.

Friends might cease to be friends because I keep pwning them in games.

anuisafag will become world-known and I will lose my anonymity. 


I’m In, What’s the Battle Plan?

Simple. Starting this month, this week, today, tomorrow, next week NEXT MONTH, I will attempt to save up 1,000 rubbles a week and pass it to my yet to be named accountant (most likely Shorty). The quick ones amongst you (not you, Anu) would be quick to point out, But HypoG… 1K a week is 4k a month, November and December makes 8K? That’s hardly enough for you to buy a Playstation 3, let alone a monitor?

Wipe that glee off of your face, you fag. I’ll get back to it shortly.

But HypoG, Where will this money come from? Simple. If I do cease to consume the 16 shaurma’s, 13 pizza’s, 20 bottles of Soda, and 10kg of finger food that spend money on in a week, 1,000 rb should be no problem at all. 

But HypoG, YOU will never be able to stop spending your money on that? Well, if that’s the case, you should work extra hard to contribute to the fund! That way, you kill 2 birds with 1 stone. You get to watch me fail and gain weight.

That brings me to this fund thing. I am hereby imploring all my friends, foes, readers, and even you, yes YOU, to consider contributing for a good cause, my fund, so I will be able to join the league of bad-assery that many only dream of. 

To ensure I do not burn these contributions, I suggest all funds directed towards my manager Anusya Devi Moh(x)anasundram (14-8 (B)). I fear, having access to such a high amount of dough will most definately rile me up and make me head to TGI’s  to massacre that sizzling chicken that they make taste oh so damn GOOD!


Thanking you with no regards,



Out With The Old, In With The New

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Alright, it’s a brand new day and I’m all psyched to build my new rig, but I’m in need of some space to set it all up.

However, at the time being, my space (read: roommates bed) is currently unavailable. So for the time being, I’ve decided to go through everything the DHL package had.

First Up; The brains of our Outfit… The AMD X4 Phenom 9950 125W @ 2.6 GHZ BLACK EDITION.

A month ago, this was the flagship product of AMD processors, till their latest release of the Phenom II 940’s. However, it was a rather sad state of affair that the flagship AMD Quad core could not beat or even challenge the Entry-Level Intel Core 2 Quad, the Q6600. Recently, with the release of Intel’s Core i7, the 9950 was further pushed into the shroud.

Phenom X4 9950 Black Edition. The Black Edition indicates that this processor comes with it’s multiplier unlocked, which is very useful for overclockers.

The Phenom X4 9950 in all her glory.

One of the reasons I go AMD…Made at Home!

So, the 9950 came with the stock heatsink. Compared to my previous Opteron 170, one would notice the addition of heatpipes. While welcome, the stock cpu heatsink of the 9950 isn’t exactly known for being excellent. It’s good, but not great.

Heatpipes, a great addition. Heatpipes have liquid flowing in them, that help transfer heat from the hot core of the processor closer to the heat sink fan to help disperse it. It’s mechanism of action is interesting, with capillary action and all that shit, if you’re interested, go hit up wikipedia.

Here’s the problem with these stock heatsinks, you can see it in build quality. Notice the chipped paint job on the heatsink.

The stock heatsink and it’s fan goes back into the box in which it came from.

The replacement? The Thermalright Ultra 120 Extreme Black, or TRUE Black. As you’ll come to see, this thing is humongous. Contrary to popular belief, this item, is indeed larger than my left nut.

Simple packaging, you’ve no idea what you buy.

Installation Instructions…Thrown away.

The TRUE and some silly box with QC passed stamped on it.

The QC stamped package contains the assembly package with all sorts of shiny stuff.

Closer look at the mounting tools.

The TRUE Black in all her glory.

A rough idea of how big she really is.

Holy Batman! The Sandman agrees.


The Motheboard Packaging. DFI LP UT 790FX-M2R

Open Motherboard

Inside, the transpiper, manual, and the motherboard. The manual was eaten by Anu in due time.


The motherboard is an amazing work of art. UV reactive PCI-E slots, Sata Slot, Ram slots, you name it. Too bad there aren’t any UV CCFLs left here. Maybe a friend who is back at home now would consider bringing back a couple of sticks.

Board Back

Ok, here we have the backplate of the PCB. Take a look at that cheap plastic retention bracket. Many Tier1 motherboard manufacturers have gone down to this level to save on costs as AMD processors have been sucking big time in the market. However, in my case, this silly plastic retention bracket won’t be able to hold the humongous TRUE BLACK.

The solution is found in this card board packaging.

The TRUE 120 Retention Brackets for AM2+

A proper retention backplate made out of steel.

Another shot at the retention brackets.

Ok, so the TRUE Black will be placed on the retention bracket and theoretically heat from the processor will travel through the 12 heatpipes and spread it over the aluminium fins. All these heat needs to be dispersed, but right now, all that happens is the aluminium fins heating up, and they start radiating the heat to the components nearby. For this reason, the TRUE Black can be fitted with 2 120mm fans, which would enable you to make up a push-pull config.

A false perception on fans is that the more expensive they are the better, however this is wrong. You’ll notice fancier looking fans with LED lighting, UV Reactive Coats and of the sort have ridiculously low CFM and produce an attrociously loud noise. In this case, I opted to buy a pair of 4 dollar fans by Yate Loon High Speed Fans.


Yate Loon’s in bubble wrap.

Nothing Fancy, a simple 12cm ball bearing fan.

The fan comes with a controller pin, allowing you to control the speed of the fan.

And for that reason, I bought this 5 25′ drive bay fan controller. When gaming, or benching, It would allow me to ramp up the RPM’s of up to 4 fans which in turn allows better cooling and ventillation, albeit at a cost of increased noise from the fans.

The Phenom features a memory controller compatible to DDR2. Unfortunately, my previous rig was of DDR1, so the rams can’t be carried forward, and I had to get some new RAM. Overclockers fail to understand one simple thing. You can crank up your FSB as high as you’d like, but if your memory can’t keep up with feeding your processor information, baby you ain’t gonna boot. Rams are as important to an overclocker, as how talking is to Anu or Drifting is to VK.

For this rig, I have decided to go with the OCZ DDR 2 PC6400 4GB Kit.

One of the wonders of OCZ is their Lifetime Warranty tag. Warranty is very important, and nobody knows this more than me!

Those of you who have followed my blog previously know what these are.

Artic Clean is a 2 part solution that helps clean and prepare your hardware for thermal grease application. It clears the surface from outside products, such as dust, dirt, etc and ensures the thermal grease contacts the heatsink and processor with very minimal distruption.

I was initially going to wait for my supply of Artic Silver 5 (thermal grease) to arrive, but I figured I can’t wait any longer! However, I am unable to build at the time being as my roommate is sleeping on what appears to be my work bench. Alas, the life of an artist.

The Calm Before The Storm

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Well, exams are over, and, as expected, I barely scrapped through as always, but despite my inner kiasu, I’m content for the fact that the marks are proportional (or even slightly inflated) for the effort I put in, so there’s no complaining there.

I was saving a few things to do after my exam, and now I’ve the time to do them. These include, but aren’t limited to;
– Watching Muthi
– Watching Baasha
– Set Up New Rig
– Spend days tweaking and overclocking New Rig
– Fry New Chip

Yesterday, MOST of my new hardware has arrived. DHL and I were fighting a constant battle of F5(refresh) of the browser with the Russian customs continuously delaying my shipment due to a backlog of parcels in their office thanks to the recent long holiday we had (orthordox christmas, new year, etc etc).

Parcel Delayed

Before I get all excited and move on towards building my new rig, I figured it was only right if I gave my previous rig her proper tribute, before I move on to my younger, much slender baby.

My Baby's Coffin

My Baby’s Coffin

There she lays, collecting dust, rotting

Rotting Corpse, Collecting Dust

Salvaged 250gb Hard Disk

Salvaged 250GB Hard Disk

Salvaged 500gb Hard Disk

Salvaged 500 GB Hard Disk

Salvaged BFG 9800 GTX+ Graphics Card

Salvaged BFG 9800 GTX+

Processor with Remnants of Thermal Grease

The Opteron 170 with remnants of  Thermal Grease

Socket 939 Opteron 170

Socket 939, AMD’s Prime Days

Sentimental Reasons Why I Always Buy AMD, Assembled in Malaysia

Sentimental Reasons Why I buy AMD; Assembled in Malaysia

My DFI NF4 SLI DR-EXPERT Motherboard

DFI LP UT NF4 SLI-DR-Expert – Best Socket 939 Motherboard Made

The Back Part of the PCB.

Back Shot of the PCB

4GB of Corsair DDR Rams

4GB of Corsair DDR Ram

Good bye baby, you will be sorely missed!

Hopefully my Artic Silver 5(Thermal Grease) will arrive in the next few days, I’m awaiting for the stupid parcel slip from the post office so that I may go collect it. Alas, God knows how long it may actually take.

Tomorrow, I plan to put up everything that arrived with DHL yesterday, so stay tuned.

Enermax Uber Chakra or Crazy Taiwanese Hyped-up Nomenclature

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Hello my-fellow non-existent readers,

Let me begin this post by first saying “There is no such thing as a budget conscious enthusiast!”

That being said, I request you please refrain from posting in the comment section with hurtful words like “How could you spend that much on this shit man?” or “What the fuck is wrong with you, I could feed myself for 6 weeks with cash like that”. Instead I plead that you try to understand what it is like to be an enthusiast, especially when it comes to computer hardware.  Hardware, unlike software, cannot be downloaded off of torrent sites!

Well anyways, two days ago we saw the launch of the latest addition of AMD’s latest processor, the AMD Phenom II (or DRAGON ala Fusion), and these are all exciting news, especially with the 940 BE under 300 dollars. I’ll admit AMD has had it’s glory days but the TLB erra….. no I’m sorry, we’re not here to talk about the new Phenom II’s that I cannot afford right now (although I am glad that they are socket AM2+ (which means you don’t need a new mothe….) ok ok I’m done for real, but honestly these are just exciting news, but I’ll leave that for another day.

Ok back to business. For all intents and purposes, I had my mind set on buying an iCute casing. Yes, I know, when I came up with that idea, I had my balls tied and was surfing the net reading reviews and of the such of various ATX casing. Whilst the name sounds really gay,  some of their products aren’t as bad. Had money not been an issue, easily I would have checked out the offerings of Lian-Li or heaven forfend Silverstone. Full aluminium chassis, light, strong, and imba. Instead, with what I have, the only thing aluminium I could afford was brushed aluminium bars at the front of the chasis (which is only for aesthetics).

So off I went to the far reaches of Bagrad to seek a casing in what would appear to be the Lowyat of Moscow (minus the prices). They boast over 3000 computer shops, but honestly, there’s only like 20 or 30 you’d really care to visit, which is more than enough by anyone’s standards. Prior to the visit, I had made my mind up to purchase an iCute, but they don’t carry that in moscow, so instead, I figured I’d get the Thermaltake V9, but when I saw it, the Thermaltake Armor+ was just amazing. It didn’t sweep me off my feet or any of that shit, just that the Thermaltake Armor + LCS had a built in Liquid Cooling System.

Some pictures, cause those are mandatory…

The Thermaltake V9Thermaltake V9
Thermaltake Armor+

Thermaltake Armor Plus

As you can see, the Armor+ looks so much better than the V9. Honestly, when you’re up at the store, regardless of how much it says under the price tag, when you compare those two, It would be like comparing buying a Viva or a Myvi. Essentially, they’re the same thing, with a couple of exterior changes, but otherwise, you get the same thing.

The bar up front is brushed aluminium, and there is ample space, nice LED fan up front pretty decent, by any account, and I almost went for it….that was until I heard the voice from the corner of the shop whilst I was talking to the shopkeeper about specifications and such, and bargaining the price…

Are you done yet? Can we go? My feet hurts, my legs hurt, my ass hurts, my face hurts, lets go back home. I’m hungry, I’m this, I’m that, just buy anything and lets go.”

That was just the second shop we had been to and women, being women, have started bitching. So, I told them to sit down at the nearest coffee shop and went on a solo mission hunting casings. During this hunt, I was introduced to the Gigabyte Aurora 3D 570 and my oh my was it tantalizing.

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570

Gigabyte 3D Aurora 570

The above picture does not do this casing justice. It looks so much better in real life, and there are tonnes of pictures online that look so much better but honestly, I do not want to do that for this case cause it’s not as good as the one I wish to present next (or the fact that it was way beyond the realm of what I could afford or that I do not own it).

So anyways, when I got home, I started looking and reading reviews of casings available in the market. As painful as it was, I had to avoid reviews of Silverstone, Lian-Li, and the such. So the next day, I went, after getting rid of the women, to go get myself a brand new casing. I finally get to the shop and decided, hey I’m hungry, lets do lunch. I figured, I’ll go in, buy the case and get back home under the hour, but what’s that they say about the best laid plans?

After lunch, I head to the shop to look for my Thermaltake Armor+, first bad news of the day, they only have 1, which is the display unit, and that looks shitty with scratches and all. To make matters worst, the front aluminium bar, is actually wedged off the bottom socket and it’s loose. I know the bars are removable, before any of you point it out, but the socket that it attaches to is loose, and doesn’t hold it strongly anymore. Imagine a vagina that has been repeatedly shoved in with a really large phallic-shaped vegetable.” The next time your tiny penis goes in, she ain’t gonna feel a thing (c) Shorty @ Demonhunter51 @ Vk@Area51.  ”

*At this point, im trying hard not to start every paragraph with the word “so”

So, at this point, I’m pissed off, I mean I knew what I wanted, and you’re telling me I can’t have it? Well Fuck you sir. I was about to leave, and the salesman suggests to me, Why not get a Kandalf? Ohh Kandalf huh, yeah, they’re pretty good, infact they’re absolutely amazing. They’re well built, large, and light. Good choice, that’ll be 15,000 rubbles. SAY WHAT!? 15,000 RUBBLES? For that money, I should be able to have you shave my balls as well. Not being the one that has even an ounce of the need to cover macho, I told him I do not have space in my hostel room to place such a huge beast, and he seemed to have understood the point and started suggesting casings that have less than 5 figures.

If you’ve seen any tamil love movie, you’ll definitely see a scene in which perhaps the hero/heroin (sic) will be talking to someone and suddenly, the hero/heroine’s future partner walks on the other side of the room and they now show you a shot of the hero/heroine staring at the future partner, and the background sound would be played by a watered down voice of the hero/heroine’s friend continuing his/her pointless conversation which the hero/heroine would not be listening to. This is exactly what happened, the salesman was talking about other casings and I caught the glimpse of another huge casing, and I was not taking in anything the salesman had to say (or maybe I didn’t understand what he was on about in the first place).

On a rack, it was visible, Next to the Coolermaster Stacker Nvidia, a casing, from a maker, of till now I only thought made power supplies, Enermax. It was called the Enermax Uber Chakra. I know what you’re thinking, it’s something from Naruto or some shit, but rest assured, Chakra has a deeper meaning than that which you can read at wikipedia at your own damned leisure.

Let me show you what im talking about;  Click here to check it all out!

So (Christ, why do I keep starting sentences with so?) , I asked the salesman if I can use the computer nearby to check the casings specifications and the such. He agreed and allowed me to use google! Well, all I knew about this case that it was a Full Tower ATX and had 2 USB slots, eSATA, and Firewire ports, and five 5 1/4 bezzles. Also I could see a 25 cm fan on the side that could work as an intake or exhaust, and the front fan, but I needed more information. I found all the details that I needed and it had everything I needed.

So I tried barganing a bit more, got a final price and felt it was decent (by Moscow standards). I closed one eye and went for it….

And that concludes todays post. Tomorrow, if I feel like it, I might continue more about this case, hell, I might even make a post on building my new rig (well not exactly new, just recycled parts and some new stuff).